“Success is determined by your daily choices and habits”.

~ Rick Pitino

Old habits require more effort to die. It is preferred to change your toxic habits as soon as possible. The process of changing habits comprises different stages. Sometimes, changing of habits takes long but every habit can be changed. It just requires patience and continuous effort. Without a doubt, good habits leads to a healthier life while bad ones are toxic. Regular practicing of good habits will boost your health and allows you to gain more energy. After a while, you will get stick to these habits, and they will become a part of your daily life. No one is perfect, we can just improve ourselves by little efforts made in our daily routine.

Skipping Breakfast or Unhealthy Breakfast

The biggest harm a man can to himself is skipping his breakfast or not eating healthy breakfast. In order to gain good physical health, it is necessary not to skip breakfast and make sure a proper intake of healthy breakfast.

Breakfast is referred as “the most important meal of the day”. As suggested by the name, breakfast is the breaking of overnight period of fasting. Breakfast provides glucose to the body. It enhances the energy level of the body.

Researches have shown that breakfast increases potential of the body as well as it helps to increase the ability of concentration. It will lead to the better health and prevent disease like diabetes and heart diseases. In addition, breakfast helps in weight management.

The positive thing is that there are several ways to make breakfast fit into your daily life. It includes:

  • Preparing healthy and quick breakfast the night before.
  • Setting alarm for 10 to 15 minutes earlier
  • Keeping some breakfast snacks at work
  • Removing time wasting habits from morning routine ( such as scrolling social media or checking unnecessary e-mails)

You can also have a look at Healthy breakfast ideas

Checking phone as soon as you wake up

We all are guilty for this toxic habit and to get good health we must remove this from starting of our day . It can affect the capability of brain to organize tasks.

“The information overload that hits (you) before you’re fully awake interferes with your ability to priorities tasks”.

~ Dr. Nikole Benders-Hadi, a psychiatrist.

It should be noted, that using phone in the morning is an “invitation to distraction”.The specific reason for this is that watching something negative early in the morning can highly affect your mood for the whole day. In addition, it will trigger your stress response.

Things To Do Instead

When you get up, your creative brain is most active. This is the time to get up drink a glass of water and plan your day. Set your surroundings. Additionally, take a bath in the morning, this will boost your mood and energizes you.

Not Hydrating

Water is the basic essential for surviving.

Water is the need of each organ, each cell as well as flesh of our body. Accordingly, some purposes for which our body uses water are as follows;

  • Maintenance of Temperature of body
  • Removal of wastes
  • Joints lubrication​

Water is base for healthy body. Evidently, An average amount of water for humans is 6 to 8 glass. However, different bodies have different needs of water for their hydration.

Water is most reasonable thing to drink to stay hydrated but there are some other fluids which are also available to stay hydrated (including lemonade and detox water).

Some people have higher chances of dehydration than others. This happens because of high intensity exercise or specific medical conditions.

More than half of our body consists of water. In particular, You lose it when you use washroom, sweat as well as when you breath. Being hydrated is essential if you forward for a healthy long life.

Hardly Exercising

Not exercising much is a common habit and we ignore this often. Exercise has a vital role in daily life. Clearly, regular physical activity have the tendency to upgrade your muscular strength. Moreover, it helps to boost your stability.

Not doing enough exercise will give rise to heart diseases even if there are no risk-factors. Furthermore, diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol level and some types of diabetes are caused by lack of exercise.

The easiest and most advantageous exercise form is walking. Regular walk has miraculous effects on human body. Despite this,some types of exercises are lunges, push-ups, squats and crunch.

As Gene Tunney stated,’’Exercise should be regarded as a tribute to the heart’’. We all must develop a habit of daily exercise for being in good condition till death.

Ignoring Mental Health

Mental health is naturally related to physical health.

Unfortunately, mental health is often neglected by us. Although, disturbed mental health can lead to severe consequences but we are not ready to take it seriously. Undoubtedly, our social and psychological appearance is directly related to our mental health. Your mood and behavior are affected if you have any mental disorder.

Signs of Mental Problems

  • Changed eating or sleeping routine
  • Feeling low
  • Not feeling interested in things
  • Facing problem in performing daily tasks
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Use of drugs or smoking

Mental disorders can be for short as well as long periods of time. The point to be noted, mental disorders can be cured and survivors of bad mental health get better with time.

Lack of Sleep

Sleep plays an essential role in the daily routine. We all are aware that how important a good sleep is for us but we still neglect it. Owing to, better sleep is essence of better mood.

Our brain cannot work perfectly, if we are not getting enough sleep. A sleep of 7–9 hours daily is must for adults. Furthermore, studies have shown that people with reduced sleep schedule struggle more in life.

According to a research Done in Mental Health Foundation, it was found that people who sleep less than 6 hours daily have 3% more chance of depression and 2.6% more chance of suicide. In addition to it, the chance of dying due to heart attack is increased by 48%.

Professor Cappuccio, who were co-author of a study done about sleep in University Warwick, said “the trend for late nights and early mornings is like ticking time bomb for your health”

More at Study about sleep-University of Warwick

Consequently, If you are not getting enough sleep, it is time to take it seriously and fix your sleeping routine.

Limiting Self Growth

​Self growth leads you to happiness. In particular, self improvement is coming out of the regular cycle of life, recognize your insecurities and overcome them. Eventually, a time comes when you are grown enough to be self motivated.

Self motivation will lead you to be confident, take bold decisions and bring an effective change in your life.

The most common thing that limit your self growth is assuming that you have achieved enough success. Gradually, it will make your thirst of moving forward die out. Additionally, thing that dull your self improvement is gain of over confidence. Certainly, self growth comprises recognition of insecurities. Like, if you will start thinking that everything is perfect and you don’t lack something. How will you improve?

In life, there is no spot where you should stop self improvement. It is a will which should never fade away.

Not Intend to come out of past

Living in the past is a robber of happiness.

The happiness which you get from your present fades away if your thoughts are always about the past. Moreover, living in the past acts as an “Opportunity Killer”.

People live in the past because they are not ready to handle the problems of present. Particularly, It is easy to think about the good days that have passed then dealing with difficulties of the moment.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift;that’s why it is called present’’.

~Bil Keane

In the essence, being stuck in the past will not help you rather, it will let you down. Even though, it will not allow you to enjoy today and explore new happiness.



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